Hello Folks,

after running some initial tests between my solo and phantom 3 pro, I've noticed that the phantom 3 has far more range than the solo.

Does anyone have any simple solutions that have been effective at achieving greater distance with an overall better signal?

Perhaps a simple antenna change? I'm not looking to mod my transmitter in anyway such as implementing (soldering ect...) amps or such, but rather just a simply effective and basic solution.

I should note that I'm not looking to go several miles, but rather just gain at the very least the range of which my phantom 3.

I'm pretty sure there have been solutions that have already been tested, so in order to make sure I make the best choice, I'm definitely open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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I wish 3DR could make an ARF kit of the solo. That would certainly make things more flexible, especially in relation to extending the range of it.

Hey Folks,

anyone attempt a wifi card upgrade as of yet? If so any recommendations on particular cards you've had success with?

I've been getting slightly better range since the latest update, however I would still feel more comfortable with a stronger signal in some cases where dense vegetation is causing issues...

Thanks in advance.


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