Before you reply with...geez...that was dumb: Ya, I know it was, just trying to better learn from my mistake.

I attempted a risky flight over water yesterday (whole flight in Fly/Loiter mode). Launched from the shore with some tree cover (ya, not good, I know) with sufficient satellites (11 or 12 I think). The flight over the open water with a clear view of the sky went fine. Everything -- including beautiful footage -- went as expected. Even got over the the anxiety I was feeling over flying $2k worth of gear over certain ruin. All was well...until I turned back to land.

Bringing the Solo back to the landing site in between two trees (flying toward me, so reverse controls), it suddenly beeped and drifted to my left heading into a nearby, convenient tree. I say convenient because it kept the Solo from landing in the water instead. It struggled and then tumbled down the trunk about 10 feet to the ground. Besides a couple of broken props, I think all's well (haven't tested the gimbal yet).

So, what happened? I've downloaded the datalogs (over Mavlink -- slow!!) to Mission Planner and reviewed in the log viewer (still learning how to use this tool). Here's the GPS data (num sats and HDOP) near the end of the flight:

The number of satellites dropped from 12 to 9 and then to 8. The HDOP went from 1.6 to 2.3 (at its worst). As I recall, when the Solo drifted (fast) to my left, I hit the "Pause" button on the controller which the AltHode mode marker seems to indicate. I may have then tried to manually correct with the flight stick and, likely in a panic, pushed the wrong direction. But, I think this -- if it happened -- was after the Solo had gravitated well on its own toward that tree.

My questions:

  1. Did I do something wrong (besides the exceedingly obvious choice of launch site)?
  2. What is the threshold HDOP for "safe" flight of Solo? Is it 2.0? How can we assess marginal launch sites before taking off?
  3. What is the default behavior when HDOP rises above 2.0? ...I'm assuming that the Solo got an incorrect location (likely to my right, so the Loiter mode, thinking it was drifting in the wind, moved it to the left) and headed in the "wrong" direction.
  4. It appears that the "Pause" button is useless if the GPS readings are off. Is that correct? I'm assuming that only a switch to full manual would have kept me from crashing.

So, my take home lesson -- no flights under trees or other marginal GPS conditions in Fly/Loiter mode; only attempt in full manual flight.



P.S. I've attached the flight log (7-zipped to get under size limit) if anyone's interested.

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The simple truth, Eric, is that you are right - it is fixable and shouldn't do that.

All the other stuff is fluff. 

When they will fix it and how is another story. 

Hi Eric,

from my point of view you panicked ;(

The magenta line shows the RC Input on channel 3 which should be the "Thrust" - it looks like you actively pulled it full down. You can see the yellow "RC out" fighting this command as you are in ALT HOLD mode. This mode just holds the altitude but does nothing to position.

A bit strange is the fact that channel 3 went from 1000 precisely up to 1450 and stayed on this value. After this jump the Solo went wild - you did not switch the remote off?

Num of sats dropped a bit and HDOP went up but still quite fine figures. Because you did not use a GPS related flight mode the channel 3 drop might be the biggest cause of the accident.



Cutting the throttle will command the Solo to descend at the maximum rate (PILOT_VELZ_MAX). If this rate is set too high the descent will become unstable - which can happen pretty quick.

I don't own a Solo, just a homemade Copter with Arducopter so I tuned my descent rate myself. You should expect correct rates from a 3DR made copter


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