Flying my Solo this evening when it flew off and crashed across the street after my son took a picture of it while it was hovering in front of him. No warning - just went. Solo was completely unresponsive to control attempts. See the event here:

Uploaded log to 3DR. Really lucky no one was hurt as kids had just been watching. Second flight - battery was around 20% - getting a picture just before going to land it.

Broke 3 blades but no damage to Solo or GoPro.

Doesn't build confidence when it just decides to do its own thing...

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Wow that's pretty crazy. I can't imagine it had anything to do with the camera flash and was just a coincidence. Did 3DR get back to you or did you just sent the log?

I am sure it was just a coincidence as I don't think Solo is camera shy:-). Just sent the log - hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow.

Here is the security cam view of the fly away. Note I don't try to control Solo until it starts to fly away. I tried to bring it down so it wouldn't fly into neighbor's house. It crashed on their lawn. Video is here:

Of course a better pilot probably would have waited a bit to see what it was doing rather than trying an immediate correction like I did. What was odd though was that it just decided to leave while being photographed. You can easily see on video it starts to fly away without me touching controls.

Red arrows show Solo flying away and controller - in video you can see joysticks aren't touched - Solo is hovering and then flies away on its own. 

Here is another view from the other side: again note I am not touching sticks.

I had a similar incident on my second day.  3DR Customer Support analyzed the logs - loss of GPS signal.  I ate 3 blades PLUS burned out a motor - with no replacement parts in stock.  :-(  The motor didn't shut off when the Solo got lodged in a tree.

I am guessing that is probably what happened here as well although it was a clear shot to the sky.

If that is the case it is too bad Solo has to fly away as soon as no GPS signal. Little unnerving to say the least.

They need to hurry and combine it with a sensor module that kicks in as soon as a GPS fix is lost.

I don't understand why loss of GPS would cause this to happen. I thought that issue was solved long ago with copters. Anyway, it's disturbing to see things like this and I'm sorry it happened to you. When you find out what happened make sure you let us know. Next time you fly give it a go in a bit more of a remote area and keep it away from people. You were quite lucky it didn't injure anyone. 

It is not so much a loss of GPS as its the Solo trying to stay in the same spot when suddenly, because of a GPS glitch, it thinks its 30 feet away from where it should be.

I think you want to enable Manual mode (aka Stabilize)  and set it to either the A or B button.  When you are low, with trees and houses and other things around that block GPS, be ready to instantly switch to Manual/Stabailze (which does not use GPS) and guide your bird in (or up) away from danger.

Hi Ken,

Sorry to hear about the crash. I watched the video you posted from the security camera. You were hovering nose in, which makes your inputs reversed. As it started to drift away from you, it looks like your right hand pulled back on the stick, which would accelerate going from you faster.

Hi Jubal,

You are right - with more experience I think I will be able to automatically react correctly to Solo performing unpredictable flight changes. Fortunately it didn't hit the house and crashed on grass which broke just 3 blades which my local Best Buy has in stock. 



Hi Erik,

This is a great idea. I will try to set this up today and practice with it. 


I've had that happen twice now.  In the last incident, I started Solo motors and then hit 'fly' to to auto take off.  I Once Solo was in a hover, I think I hit the 'fly' button and Solo took off and ran into side of house.  Video at

Solo DOES NOT go into crash mode, such as my Y6 does, so it ate 3 of the 4 props and ruined the battery holder.  

I filed a help desk ticket with 3dr and gave them the logs and the video.  

With no replacement parts in stock, I guess I am grounded.


Since I am also grounded...perhaps I can help.

Send me an email at and tell me specifically which parts you need.  (I did think ahead and picked up some extra props).


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