3DR SOLO 1 from T Harper on Vimeo.

As some of you may have seen I did a recent blog on how I attached this gimbal to SOLO along with being able to control the tilt via SOLO's paddle.

Here is a test flight with that gimbal.

GoPro Hero 4

2.7K wide

No cropping

No post-stabilization has been done.

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That looks really good!  love it!

You know you can actually embed the video instead of just providing a link.

Was in a bit of rush earlier Randy, it's embedded now ;)

Hi Todd,  I have been watching your video on using other than the Solo Gimbal.  My Solo is going to be here next week and I have a spare SteadyGo3 gimbal.  I was going to order the mounting plate and use this gimbal.  What are your thoughts?  

Grandpa Jake

While I have heard of that gimbal I have not used one personally so I have no experience for an opinion on it. If your good with modifying and soldering then it may be worth putting your time into. Remember though, it will void your warranty.


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