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Solo and Mission Planner


I'm trying to get live streaming from the HeroGoPro4 Silver (on the solo) to Mission Planner. I'm successful in doing it with Tower and the Mac OS app, but don't seem to have any luck on Mission Planner. Is this possible? 


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SOLO wont take off from boat

Has anyone else been able to takeoff from a boat/moving platform with the solo? Whenever I try to takeoff from a floating non traveling boat, the solo wont even attempt to acquire satellites thus not letting me arm.

Im guessing its a failsafe/code iss

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No more 3DR phone/tech support?

Could not find this topic using search on the forum, so I thought I'd ask.

It appears that 3DR no longer has a phone number for support, called yesterday and got a recording.  Also it is no longer listed on the 3DR web page.  Anyone else know what is

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Flying Practice

I would like to practice the Smart Shots in the house. Props off, not really flying. When I set everything up the controller is stuck looking for GPS.  How can I by-pass GPS search?

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Second Crash

It seems I am a slow learner.  Against all advice, I keep taking off from near the house and trees because "I've got it this time."  So I drove it into the tree cause I panicked and hit "forward" instead of "back."  

One of the light covers popped off

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