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3DR Backpack

New guy with more newby questions.

I have the 3DR backpack. The slot for your phone/tablet is not long enough for my Galaxy 8.4 tablet.  Is there a way to enlarge that slot?

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Takeoff From a Cliff

What happens when I fly from the top of a cliff?  At takeoff I am 40 ft. above the ground but when I move 100 ft. west I am 500ft. above the ground.  How does the FAA see that?   How does the controller altitude limit see that?

Can I fly down to the v

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Stripped Screw

While mounting the gimbal I stripped one of the screws.  I am very familiar with assembling plastic parts with screws but still I got it started wrong and it stripped under pressure from the supplied driver.

So what can I do about it?  The screw seems

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Squak Alarm

I am brand new to this activity.  I have a 3DR Solo.  The very first flight I had the camera orientation set wrong and Solo became unbalanced and flew off over the house and into the woods, I thought.  It took me a while to find it.  So I am looking

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