Hi guys

I was hoping someone could perhaps help me out. Albertino here from Secunda, my quad recently fell out of the sky during a relatively stable flight and try as i might i am not able to identify the root cause. Obviously i would like to identify the bug before i get it in the air again and was hoping someone could assist.

I posted a full description and logs under the general forum under Arducopter 2.x.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Albertino

go download your logs have a look at the motors log i am  almost sure you will see one racing way ahead of the others this problem occurs when one of the anticlockwise motors loosens its nut and you get no lift from the motor it results in a vertical dive you can not recover from but like i said without looking at the log we can not be sure 

regards George

Lemee go have a look in Arducopter 2X . Way don't you coppy and past it here as well, No harm done and you will maybe meet some SA people . Ok Albertino ...? pls man

Hey Albertino did you come right;.

I have tried to find your post but there is just soooo many please and soooo many feeds and I don't even know ware to fint it.

send the link or coppy here



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