I'm looking for a place in South Africa that is able to do an infra-red conversion on a canon s95 camera.

If there is such a place/company, is there an alternative camera to the s95 that is easier or better to preform the conversion on?



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Hey, are you looking for Near Infra red or far infra red?

Howzit Christiaan

Looking for Near IR

We at C-Faktor do NIR conversion on cameras, feel free to contact me at cvanvollenstee@cfaktor.com

also please find attached the quality images we can provide with our conversions.

Raw Image from camera

NDVI Image

Near Infra red

An interesting video from Youtube with the Canon PowerShot Elph130IS (USD95)
from Dennis Baldwin and the infragram-diy-filter-pack (USD10)

might help you on this - A DIY approach, you need a few tools though.

What are you hoping to sense ie. what are you trying to get a look at?

Hennie please remove mention of military services from your signature. it is against TOS here. People want to use the conversion for agricultural stuff.


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