Hi all,

Does anyone have, or is aware of, a model of the Techpod suitable for use in X-Plane or another sim? I am doing some development work with a UDB5 which includes hardware in the loop testing in X-Plane, and it would be nice to have a proper model to use instead of the default RC plane which comes in the sim. Obviously Wayne has the models he used to develop the plane in the first place, but I understand that they might contain more detail than he wants to release?

Apologies if this already exists somewhere obvious, but I haven't been able to find anything.


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Techpod is now opensource so you can download the models and use them

Tell me if you need any help as well. The government of Jamaica will be using a techpod airframe to patrol coastal areas in an anti piracy drive, will need some form of simulator to train them

Thank you both for your replies. Wayne in particular thanks to you for releasing the 3D models, it makes so many of the ancillary tasks needed for a UAV (making simulation models like this, making transport cases, making equipment bays etc) so much easier!

Below are a few pics of my work in progress so far. It flies pretty well, although it still needs some serious time spent tuning the flight model.

Hi Adam - how is your X-Plane model going?


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