I want to add these lines to arducopter software for Serial3 or telemetry:

AT+CGATT?   //attached to GPRS ?
AT+IFC=2,2   //"it's better to use hardware flow control"
AT+CIPMODE=1  //Enable transparent mode
AT+CSTT="internet"  //set APN
AT+CIICR   //open GPRS
AT+CIFSR      // Get local IP address
AT+CIPSERVER=1,1234//Start the TCP server, listening port:1234


I cant use the same structure as Andreas did in Modem_v2.6 becouse of the FastSerial.h are not beeing used any more i think?!?

Can someone point me in the right directions on how to implement these at commands?





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Can someone tell me how send AT commands from APM2.5 using HAL.

I have been trying to use


as i understand  hal.uartC is 57600.

But i dont think my APM send this command. Is this the right command to use??







If i load a basic sketch to my APM 2,5 board and use FastSerial.h with this commands:


Then the sim900 responds.



If i load Arducopter 2.9.1 and use this command:


The sim900 dont responds to the command. I have monitored the output and i get AT+CFUN=1,1  at baud 57600


i dont really understand the diffrence between these command.

Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?


Best Regards



Change the AT commands here and give Sorens code a try...http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-cellular-extension/source/browse...

Hi, my integration README is for ArduPlane but with a little effort it should work just fine on ArduCopter too. I didn't do too much for Copter because my own one never flew far enough for me to need mobile :)

The main points are that MobileStream replaces one of the UARTs that GCS_* talks with, and that it itself gets a UART (the same as the one removed from GCS, typically) to talk with the modem on.

The task() method must be called often, like fastLoop. I have been careful not to put anything there that may infloop :)




Hope my question fits this thread..  Apologies for hijacking if not.  I'm trying to apply your cellular extension to version ArduPlane 2.68, but having trouble compiling the firmware.  Any suggestion you may have would be most appreciated.  I followed instructions in your README, but make fails. 

%% libraries/APM_RC/APM_RC_APM1.o
/code/ardupilot-ArduPlane-2.68/libraries/APM_RC/APM_RC_APM1.cpp:27:23: fatal error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [/tmp/ArduPlane.build/libraries/APM_RC/APM_RC_APM1.o] Error 1

The error is kind of a lie..  The WProgram.h file does exist, it lives in /code/ardupilot-ArduPlane-2.68/libraries/Desktop/include.  Could my build environment be incorrect somehow, and that is why this header file is "not found?"

Note: I have the ArduPlane 2.72 source, and I can compile and upload firmware to my APM2.5 board ok.  I'm using 3DR 900mhz telemetry radios for basic tests, they work fine.  Mission Planner connects to aircraft just fine, and so does QGroundcontrol.  Also, I can connect to the Drone Cell over usb (FTDI) and send AT commands to it. It sees its SIM card, it registers to the cell network, and gets an IP address.  All this to indicate that I don't have a hardware problem.  Just hoping for maybe some helpful words from someone skilled at software dev.

Thank you, and kind regards,



Im using these commands:

    //delay (1500);
   // hal.uartA->println("+++~~~~ATH0");   // Break into channel if there is an existing connection
   // delay (1500);
    Serial2.println("AT V1 E1 X1 S0=0");   // Set error response and do not pickup on ring
    delay (1500);
    Serial2.println("AT+CREG=2");          // Set various notice messages and parameters
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (1500);
    delay (3500);
    Serial2.println("AT+CSTT=\"internet.public\"");  //set APN
    delay (3500);
    Serial2.println("AT+CIICR");  //open GPRS
    delay (3500);
    Serial2.println("AT+CIFSR");   // Get local IP address
    delay (3500);
    //hal.uartA->println("AT+CIPSERVER=1,1234");   //Start the TCP server, listening port:1234
    Serial2.println("AT+CIPSTART=\"UDP\",\"xxxxx.no-ip.info\",\"14550\"");        //  Start the UDP server
    modem_ready = 1; 


Yes it will work.

Copy paste each of the command in the Terminal and verify the OK statement from dronecell.


AT+CIPSERVER=1,1234   =  1234 is the TCP portnumber.



AT+CIPSTART=\"UDP\",\"xxxxx.no-ip.info\",\"14550\"  = UDP.  It will stream data to the address www.xxxxx.no-ip.info adress at port 14550.

Change the (xxxxx.no-ip.info) with your IP or dyndns address.

You need to open Port 14550 to the computer running mission planner.


You cant use both of the lines.  One for UDP  one for TCP.

Im using UDP connections.






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