Hello everybody,

For my senior design project I'm working on a simple phone ground station for an ArduCopter.  Our project sponsors want us to use an RN-XV wifly module but we're not sure how to connect it to the telemetry port of our APM 2.5.  We've tried using a regular 2.4 GHZ Xbee but we are having problems with that.  

We are currently using a sparkfun Xbee explorer for the Xbee but its not working properly and we're not sure why.  In order to connect the RN-XV, will the xbee explorer work or the xtreambee adapter?  I am a computer science major so the electrical stuff is a little over my head.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I havn't read all the feedbacks in this thread, but i'm using this chip myself and it works perfect without any code change. I connect this to an onboard 3g wifi router and use MP with TCP or UDP.


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