I have a quadcopter tarot 650 and I really don`t know how mount camera sony a6000. Main goal is mapping and DTM. I have two soultions:

1) something like that http://www.impconcepts.com/impstore/index.php?route=product/product... 

mount camera on dampers withount gimbal

2) mount a gimbal to drone but this is more expensive

Do you have any advice?

Thanks for help

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for mapping and DTM fixed mount works pretty well.

Thanks for answer, but do you have any solutions how to fixed this camera? 

I thought about create something in AutoCad and print in 3D prineter but I cant find any project in internet, which will be similiar to my project. 

We don't have. I'm sorry.

Could you describe or send a photo how you solve this issue? And what camera do you have?

Hi Marcin,

currently we don't have any birds with fixed mount in our fleet. I just answered that for mapping and DEM generation fixed mount will be enough.

One more question: what do you think about my solution number 1 from my first message?
I am looking for opinion or advice.

Hi, it looks not bad. Of course if they use plastic of good quality. 

OK thanks for help. I’m wondering to create similar project in autocad and print in 3D but mayby buying this one from my first message is easier and cheaper

I've made a servo gimbal from textolite. It is important for camera to stay nadir during high winds. I can give you the files if you're interested

it will be great. Send me files to mail klama9015@wp.pl

I've found recently very interesting opinion/advice that I have to tilt the camera forwards to about 10-15 degrees to deal with the forward tilt of the aircraft in flight (depending on flight speed) most software can deal with 30 degrees off nadir.

Does it make sense? Do you mount camera in that way?

Agree with 10-15 degrees tilt, but what about a side wind, the drone will be leaned on one side when it goes forward and on the other side when it comes back. My gimbal is very light weight (around 250gr) and will keep you camera horizontal. If you're planning to use objectives longer than 25mm than you have to modify the drawings in order to increase the clearance from the back plate to the back of the camera. Files sent!


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