Hi guys,

I have a Tarot X6 960 with 3DR Pixhawk FCU.

Until now, I made 3D mapping and orthophoto with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional, post-processing the images in Pix4D.

I would buy a camera to do mainly 3D mapping and orthophoto with the Tarot X6.

I just sold a Panasonic GH4 (too heavy and focused on video) to have a lighter setup that I could match with a pair of MAPIR cameras for NDVI orthophotos.

About the camera, I'm looking at the Sony RX100 IV, the Sony a6300 with stock 16-50, the Sony QX1 or something different like a used Sony NEX.

My target is to have a good setup for my purposes. If I could also get some good video out of this new purchase, it wouldn't be bad...

Of course, the camera must be triggerable from the Pixhawk or anyway from remote, via Stratosnapper or any other method.

My budget is 800€ but I could add some hundreds to have a good and durable setup.

What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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Any experience with a Samsung NX500 remote triggering?

anyone with experience with this product? Looks better than the Stratosnapper 2


Hi again.  I will buy a6300. But I am confused about trigger (Seagull and Stratosnapper). I dont know, Can Stratosnapper do a6300 zoom, photo etc via IR. And How to connect Seagull to camera. Because I will wire HDMI out of camera to converter but both seagull and av converter have HDMI input!! Thanks.

ActionDrone said:

Any experience with a Samsung NX500 remote triggering?

Yes, I was not using remote triggering but the original menu feature "Interval Capture". It works well although it has to be set to 2 sec to get 3 sec interval.


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