Now we can find offline maps instructions here:

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This looks good! I'm going to try it!!

Instructions no longer valid. Where do a new user find the MapBox ID needed ?

Why no valid? you have to generate here ;that don't work? I'm still using the generated offline map but not try again.

Instructions are no longer valid, as it is difficult to find you sers mapID - Need to enter som classic mode to get it. But, you can use these predefined Map IDs:

I had it working fine with DP... This is a problem only because of the droid environment I bet. The almighty google not being %1000 in charge???? I don't know I'm not a developer or programer but I wouldn't doubt the constant issue with the offline maps isn't on Towers end. Thus the work round via a third party map provider. 


I succeed to use offline map without any problem, but i want now use my own map, made with a mapping plane and Pix4D software. I can upload my map in mapbox (i see it on mapbox site), but i can't see it on the tower app, i always have the one provided by mapbox (or google?).

Is there a way to use my own geotiff map in tower app?



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