It's going to be a few days before I can fly again, so I thought I would just ask now. Is it possible to manually control the copter yaw, and camera gimbal tilt during a simple point A to point B mission? I'm not seeing any information on this after quite a bit of searching. I want to duplicate a cinematic cable cam using an Iris+.


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Ok. I think I know what your looking for. Start with a "do_set_yaw" command. Pay attention to + - orientation. Then you may also may need to set a "do_set_roi" cmnd at a given height to achieve your targets. Try one thing at a time to observe its action then link em together. This is one way of starting.

I have experimented a bit with those commands, and they get close to what I want, but I would like to be able to have the Iris+ fly a very simple slow straight line between two waypoints, while I manually control the copter yaw using the left stick, and manually adjusting the gimbal tilt knob. The app for Solo allows that (I think) in the Cable Cam feature. I want Tower to handle the flight, while I manually control the camera. Is this possible using Tower?



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