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Accelerometer errors in Tower

but not in Mission Planner.

'Inconsistent Accelerometer'


'Accelerometer error'

What I did do was save parameters, then swapped props and ran Auto Tune. I then switched back to the other props and loaded the saved parameters. Ever since then Tower thr

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No maps showing in tower

Went to fly my 3dr x8 tonite and could not get any maps to load. everything els worked, just blank screen showing my home point and the arrow for the ship. When I switched to droid planner I could see maps. Is something not clicked in my tower softwa

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Tower bug or AC 3.3 or???

I noticed today Tower was giving battery voltage audible updates as if the battery was fully charged, even though I flew it earlier down to 15v. I powered it down, restarted and it did the same thing at 14.8v. 

The flight screen showed the correct vol

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Offline maps check mark is reversed?


like photo works on line maps and when uncheck works offline maps.

To use Just load all the maps while on wifi then they will be used next time your not on wifi. (R Kennedy)

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Tower and airplanes?

Is someone flying planes  with Tower here? Yesterday I used for the first time and notice that altitude is over sea level, anyone know how to change to relative alt from take off?

Anyone try missions with airplane and Tower? any consideration?

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Periodic status speech (for newbies)

When you are used to listen your tablet/phone, if you forgot, you feel the lack of something ;)

If you want to listen your status periodically go to SETTINGS-USER INTERFACE-SPEECH OUTPUT-Periodic status-choose how many seconds you want to listen and w

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