I need to do scans over a large area (not a camera) and I need the lines from each block to line up together.  Is there a way to create an areascan mission with a basepoint?  This way, all the lines will start from a common location.  The basepoint needs to be able to be somewhere not in the survey area.

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I don't get. Could you post some sketch?

Hello Alexey,

I think he means a cone, with a bottom (if viewed in ortho plan) single waypoint, and several upper waypoints which spread over an arc.

Alexey Dobrovolskiy said:


I don't get. Could you post some sketch?

If I make two overlapping Areascans, the lines don't match up, it requires converting to waypoints and carefully moving them so they lines line up with eachother. But then the over all area covered becomes scewed.  It's just awkward.  If I could set a coordinate that the areascan is built from (kind of like an offset, but fixed to a point), then I could make a bunch of areascans and know that all the lines will match perfectly.

This is what I would like the result of two Area scans to look like:

Offset lines: This is what UGCS does now:

We do large area surveys and need to break the area up into small ones for VLOS.  So having many small routes is very common.

OK, now I understand. We had same request from another guy who doing magnetic surveys of large areas.

Will register this as feature request.


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