I've noticed that when analyzing flight logs with geotagged images, you're able to display the image centers. Is there a way to display the full image under that center?

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Hello Ethan,

Thanks for your suggestion, our developers have thought about this possibiliy too, so I will be adding this as a feature request and hopefully for UgCS 2.15 it will be possible.

Best regards,


Thanks for your quick reply Arturs!

When could we expect to see a feature like this implemented? This would be remarkably helpful for our workflow.

I've also noticed that UGCS Mapper has an option to create GeoTIFF's that we can host as a local image server, but it's locked into always stitching the images together (like Agisoft). Is there any way we can just get the directly georeferenced images out of UGCS Mapper without stitching them?

I can not promise you anything, only a rought estimate would be at least 3 months from now.

Regarding your second question about Mapper, could you please elaborate what is the exact function you would like to have? Is it simple image geotaggin (already implemented) or is it creating single image GeoTiff (each image in its own file) ?



Hi Artūrs,

We're looking to create individual GeoTIFF images- could that be possible with UGCS Mapper?

Thanks for your help!

Dear Ethan,

As of now, it is not possible to create single GeoTIFF images without stitching them. Reason for that is, that creating single images makes no sense, as the images need to be stiched to match elevation. Without stitching we can not know how the elevation matches to the image.

Best regards,


Hi Artūrs,

Is it possible to stitch an individual image? We're mostly just looking to convert the images into GeoTIFFs.


Hi Ethan.

sorry for delay from our side. It's not just converting into GeoTiff. You need to take drone AGL, yaw and camera position to scale /rotate picture in accordance to the ground level and drone/camera attitude.

UgCS Mapper can't do this for individual images.


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