I would like to use the Matrice 600 without the lightbridge.

If I have a two ways RC (up link\down-link), it it possible to use UgCS to get telemetry?

Thank you very much


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no way. UgCS supports A3 with Lightbridge only.

Hello Alexey,

Thank you for your answer.

Is there any other way to get telemetry, set way point to the A3 without the lightbridge?

Thank you


Hello Rotem,

from on-board computer connected to the API port of DJI A3 it should be possible. It will be required development of custom ground station software to communicate with A3 via custom on-board computer, or in case of UgCS it is necessary to create custom VSM (vehicle specific module, like a driver for drone), it will take 1-2 man/months with testing. I don't sure that it is reasonable.

For what do you need that? Something like long-range drone control via LTE?

Hello Alexey,

Yes, Exactly, do you know a working system?

Thank you


Hi Rotem

we have a solution to control A3-based drone over LTE. For now it is possible to control it through UgCS (joystick control and mission flights). Though due to some DJI limitations arm still has to be performed through the RC. The rest is over LTE. Also video transmission is not implemented yet because Onboard SDK has very poor support for video transmission so far. Please send us a message at ugcs@ugcs.com if you wish to discuss your project in more details.   


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