I get this error when I'm planning very large missions (more than 1200 waypoints approximately) and trying to pair them down to a manageable size.

Once I get this error, I'm unable to remove routes from the program since they show up again after about 30 seconds.  I also can't edit the waypoints either since changes are not saved and show up again 30 seconds after I make them.  Sometimes it just removes all the routes without warning, erasing anything I had not exported.  

The only solution is to restart UGCS or sometimes I need to restart my computer.  Does anyone else have  a better solution?

The computer is fairly capable with a GTX1050 graphics, i7 and 16 gb of ram.  Which one of these needs to be better so I don't run into this problem anymore?  

I also think UGCS needs to be able to handle this error more gracefully and be able to recover without restarting everything.

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Dear Thomas,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Could you send us more information for analysis to our support support@ugcs.com ?

We will need logs:

for Windows

for Mac OS X
/Users/User Name/Library/Logs

for Linux

where USER_NAME – current user

And we will need your mission. Use ‘Menu – Export mission’. We will have some tests with it.

Best regards,
Anna Moshkova

SPH Engineering
Video tutorials: www.youtube.com/ugcstv
Latest news: www.facebook.com/SPHEngineering


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