I've collected telemetry for a fairly long flight and because of this, it has too many waypoints and will not process (I'm suspecting that's the reason why). Is it possible to save a part of the telemetry as a KML file in the Telemetry player, or maybe delete segments of the create route?


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Hi Mike,

You can edit KML export in text editor, delete part of route. Import KML in to mission planner, some adjustments might be needed, but most part of route will be correct.

Best regards,
UgCS Support Team
Janis Jonins


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I tried this and got the following error from UgCS when trying to create a route from a file:

"Could not import file


Import cannot  bee completed: incorrect input format. Please ensure you are importing a file generated by application."

The file being imported is the file generated from Telemetry, with some of the route deleted.

Hi Mike,

Please, check file that you edited, most possible you have left/or deleted something that was necessary. Coordinates are in blocks, if you remove some part, complete block should be removed, whitespace characters also are important.

Best regards,
UgCS Support Team
Janis Jonins


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