I try to connect UgCS with my P4P, Samsung Galaxy Prime, and my windows Surface 2 Pro.

Everything seems to be ok:

  • at the first side, the P4P is well connected to the Samsung Galaxy, I can use the App, I get the FPV.
  • at the other side, the computer runs UgCS client well.

Both are connected in the same network: I made few combinaison;

  • Computer make an wifi access point on wich the Android's device is connected.
  • Android's device make an wifi access point on which the computer is connected.
  • I use another device to make an wifi / internet access point and both Android's device and Computer are connected

Whatever, the UgCS Client (computer) does't seems to see the drone.....

On the app, the UCS "point" is still grise indicated there is no connection.

When I display telemtry it says: No UCS Connections

I don't understand how to do....

Am I missing something? maybe my computer or my android device have an issu with a Port?

I've tried to look for in Advanced Setting in the App, but I don't understand....

Please help, I would like to buy UgCS but if I can't use it, I wont.....

I use last version (downloaded today ugcs desktop, and same for google app).

I've also just reinstal windows but nothing changes.

The drone firmware is also the latest...


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Sorry for the inconvienience!

Please check that you are using UgCS 2.13 (desktop version) with UgCS for DJI app 2.9.99.

The desktop installer you can download from our web page and you can check UgCS for DJI app version within app, if it is not 2.9.99, please check for updates manually in Google Play or wait until it will update automatically (should happen today 10.01.2018).

This combination should work for you.


hi, it works fine thanks =)

thank you very much, i like your Article, it can help me.



I did not fully understood if you are having problems installing the UgCS for DJI 2.9.99 APP on your CrystalSky or the APP does not connect to Desktop installation.

If you are able to install the app but it does not connect to Desktop installation, please make sure that you are using UgCS 2.13 (401) because previous dekstop versions are not supported with the latest app.



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