Does anyone know if UgCS works with the Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom? I might need to get one in the next few days and I really need to know if it's going to work with UgCS. 



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Hello Rob.

Yes, Mavic 2 Zoom will be added in UgCS for DJI in mobile application version 2.16.x.

To say more, we are already using it in our development  version. 

Best Regards


Great, do you have any rough eta for that release? So if I got the beta version 2.16 from play store, that would work with the latest desktop version as well? Is the Pro as well as the zoom going to be supported?

Right now mobile app (2.16.x) is compatible with UgCS 3.0.x

Rough estimate for beta release ~2-3 weeks from now. 

We still did not moved 2.15 to prod as waiting for users feedback, if they like our new mission planing algorithms.   

And so both the Pro and Zoom versions will be supported?

yes, Pro & Zoom

Great, thanks


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