Hello all,

I'm currently working to view three X-8s from UgCS.  Each one has a Pixhawk autopilot and a 3DR modem.  I have already changed the SYSID_THISMAV parameter for each X-8 to be unique and each 3DR radio is paired to a unique Net ID, in this case 20, 21, 23.  I've got all three radios plugged into a powered USB hub going to my laptop and I can connect to each individually through Mission Planner.  However, when I open UgCS, I only am able to see one vehicle.

I messed with the config file as follows, not sure if that's entirely necessary or not.

# Uncomment this to disable serial port access arbitration across
# different processes.
connection.serial.use_arbiter = no
# name matching in Windows is case insensitive
# 57600 is default 3DR radio speed
# 115200 is default Ardupilot USB serial rate
connection.serial.1.name = COM18
connection.serial.1.baud = 57600
connection.serial.2.name = COM15
connection.serial.2.baud = 57600
connection.serial.3.name = COM17
connection.serial.3.baud = 57600

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  


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It should work out of the box with UgCS. Please raise this to UgCS support and attach your vsm-ardupilot.log. There are problems with USB hubs, though. It can be that USB hub is not able to provide power to three radios simultaneously. Maybe try with two radios first. Or, plug them directly into computer if possible.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the response.  I came in this morning, and everything is working as advertised.  Not sure what the problem was yesterday.  Closing the discussion.




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