Problems Performing 'Straight' Flight between Waypoints of Different Altitudes - UgCS

Has anyone successfully flown diagonally between two waypoints at different altitudes using the "Straight" Trajectory type and a pre-programmed flight in UgCS? We are attempting to fly our drones like a fixed winged aircraft, meaning no pure vertical movements.

We have attempted the same flight with a Matrice 600 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro without any luck.

The flight consists of taking-off up to a height of 5 m (WP1) and then flying to another point at 20 m (WP2) a couple meters away. The drone takes off (standard vertical lift) without issues but will hover at WP1 indefinitely even though the log indicates that the drone is "heading towards waypoint #2".

Even when we do not use the take-off command, the drone will head to the first waypoint using "safe flight" maneuvers, despite "Straight" flight being selected in 'Parameters'. It will again hover once it has reached WP1 and won't continue to WP2.

Any advice?


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Hi Steve,

please see this post -

May be in your mission waypoints are too close to each other. Try to place they in 10 m in horizontal projection and repeat test.

I went back and checked - the flight was uploaded with waypoint 1 and 2 separated by 17m and again by 35m.

I also forgot to mention in my earlier post that the emulator has no problems simulating the flight.

Please post mission and telemetry log, or send it to, we will try to sort this out

I'm having trouble exporting the telemetry data. Is there any way of exporting just some of the telemetry from the flight of interest?


Hi Steve, it seems that you found how to export telemetry - I have got something on our email.


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