Is anyone experience issues with the Quadcopter Emulator in UgCS 2.13. I'm pretty sure it's flying routes like a fixed wing aircraft. I've used the Quadcopter Emulator without any issues before this release but haven't got it to cooperate with the new release.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Steve, could you post your mission here? I'll check what is wrong.

Internal UgCS emulators don't have heigh fidelity. They are implemented to give posibility to play with UgCS without real drones - to be familiar with mission planning, how to execute it etc.

As I see from your other questions you are use DJI Phantom 4 and m600 drones. With they you can use DJI emulator. In short you can connect drone to UgCS as usual and next activate simulator mode in UgCS for DJI app menu. Please see details here -

In such case you will get very precise simulation of real flight.

Hey Alexey,

I changed the emulator I was using from EMU-102 to EMU-101 and my problem went away. I am not sure why, but needless to say I will stick with EMU-101 from now on.

This simulator that you mention would work great for other flights (especially to help me resolve the straight flight issue I've been having). Do you have to be at/near the flight location to simulate?

Hi Steve, EMU-102 is a fixed-wing simulator :)))))

Using DJI simulator you can play even in the office. After route upload (when DJI drone is in simulation mode) it will be relocated near first waypoint of your route. 

Sometimes after this "magic jump" DJI drone will not switch to auto mode. In this case please emulate manual take-off using your handheld controller and switch to auto mode after take-off. 

For full confidence I recommend to play in simulation mode with detached propellers. Just in case if you will switch simulator off but will continue to play..

Thanks Alexey that explains alot. I'm not sure how I didn't see the fixed wing picture on EMU-102 :?

Thanks again.



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