I'm trying to help select a tablet for use with UGCS for DJI mobile companion but unfortunately I can't come up with a concrete selection I know will work. UGCS support recommended a ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 I don't see this as an officially supported device on the UGCS FAQ webpage. Can anyone confirm this ASUS tablet will work consistently and reliably? I've tried two Android devices, a Samsung Galaxy S6 which works consistently but is too small, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 which I haven't been able to get to connect at all.

Help is much appreciated.


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Hi Steve,

I do not have much experience with different Android devices but I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and everything works fine for me.

I ve no connection problems. I use it in WLAN and even if the tablet provide a Hotspot I can connect.

Best regards


Hey Chris,

Thanks for the reply. I'll give the S2 I have another shot after reading this.

Did you have to change any settings to get it to connect? Also are you running Android 7 on it?

This is the post I'm referring to about having to change settings to get it to connect at times:


There's many other references online about people having issues with the S2 with both DJI GO and UGCS for DJI but some claim switching up the order of operations fixes the issue as shown in this thread: https://forum.dji.com/thread-79168-2-1.html

Turn off the tablet, ie power it down.
Start p4
Start RC
Plug in Tablet
Restart tablet.

I'll update this post with the outcome once I try these things.


Hi Steve.

It's quite hard to recommend Android devices with confidence. We know cases when pretty working device had problems after Android upgrade.

Usually all devices recommended by DJI (for DJI GO) will work also with UgCS.


I personally use Samsung A6 2016.

Thanks for the replies everyone. The Samsung Tab S2 works under an odd series of operations. Something to do with the USB port connection is finicky. As long as the tablet is off when the USB cable connection is made it seems to be working consistently. Switching the USB port settings to fix this doesn't seem reliable.



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