Dear Technical Support Specialist,

We are having issues with Geotagging in Telemetry player, because we have too many trajectories stored in the system. Can you please tell us where are the trajectories stored and how to safely erase them.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi, telemetry stored in UgCS database. You can erase visible telemetry part in telemetry player using "Remove layout" command.

Could you tell me what issues do you have?

When I start telemetry player it takes ages to upload telemetries.

Also during geotagging process gets staged sometimes.

Thanks for help. 

Do you use UgCS 2.10?

If you can share your data with us (I have opened support ticket in our help desk), we can take a close look on your situation and may be we can optimize something in next version (in UgCS 2.12 - because UgCS 2.11 should be released in few days).

wich data/directories do You need?

C:\Users\ [USER NAME]\AppData\Local\UGCS\db\sqlite - if you use Windows

replace [USER NAME] by your Windows login.


Dear UgCS Pilot,

I hope you are doing well.

Please, try to clear telemetry using attached instruction. We would gladly receive your feedback about did you resolved your problem with suggested way. 

Also, we would appreciate if you could answer some questions which can help us to make UgCS better.

What improvements would you want to see in working with telemetry in UgCS? How do you organise your business process – mission planning, flight execution, image processing, etc.? Do you use only one PC or several ones? How many persons perform all these actions – one person or a few people? How do they exchange flight information if there are a few people (export\import of database or making copy of database)?

Could your answer our questions and send it to

Thank you in advance!



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