Happy New year to everyone.

Is it possible to export the track log from the telemetry? any file format will do GPX, KML, KMZ etc.. really need this so I can send it to the client to show the exact area we surveyed.



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Hi Robert,

Happy New year to you too.

From UgCS you can export telemetry to binary .tlm file. This file can be converted to KML using UgCS telemetry tool.

Documentation for it here - https://github.com/ugcs/ugcs-java-sdk/tree/master/ucs-telemetry-tool

Telemetry tool itself can be downloaded using this link - https://github.com/ugcs/ugcs-java-sdk/releases/download/2.11/ugcs-t...

In near future we will integrate CSV/KML export to UgCS but currently you can use command-line tool only. 

Great, thank yo so much. I'll go and play with it now.


I'm struggling to get it to work. I've made sure I have the "JAVA_HOME environment variable" set and the echo command confirms the path. I've installed the latest V9 JRE and JDK and it is still giving me an error. Screenshot attached showing error. Do I need a different version of Java installed or the 32 bit version?

Any help would be great.

Please check that %JAVAPATH% variable resolved to full path to java.exe.

As alternative you can edit tlm2kml.bat and enter full name of java.exe to the last line instead of %JAVAPATH%.

Sorry it took me a while to get back to this, been a tad busy, that is working now, thank you so much.



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