I am trying to get my flight logs together ready for my CAA renewal and it looks like i havent got any record of my UGCS flights within DJI nor Airdata. Now i am missing several months of logs!

Is there any future compatibility between DJI and/or Airdata?

Is there anyway i can retrieve my previous flights from UGCS? (i have had to uninstall and reinstall the program a number of time though)




thank you

apologies for sending this as a message to everyone!

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Depending on how you did the reinstall you will have either all of your Telemetry data or only latest part of it available.

Just go to Telemetry player and see for yourself: Telemetry player in user manual


Hi Arturs,

Thank you for that.

The telemetry function is very cool, but is there any way it can be exported to .csv or similar so it can be included in an operations manual? i need to show flight times and dates thats all. The logs in UGCS could be useful if they could be exported?

I guess DJI logs are going to be difficult, but have you any plans to integrate with airdata? if not i might have to cancel them



Yes, we have a telemetry conversion tool to convert telemetry to CSV or KML formats: How to convert TLM to CSV or KML for UgCS v.2.11

We will be integrating the tool in our software for easier use, but for now please use the script.

Regarding AirData, currently we have no plans, but I will add this as a new feature request for consideration.

Good luck!


Thank you.

I did try my best but i couldn't make it work. The instructions say:

'2. Copy telemetry file that needs to be converted to utilities directory next to all *.bat files. '

but i cannot see any .bat files. I tried with the telemetry file in with the other files of the tool, as well as moving to the LIB folder but no joy. 

I look forward to seeing this integrated into UGCS! :)




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