UgCS for DJI App Crashing & UgCS Unable to Upload Routes - Command Timeout

We're having a few ongoing issues with UgCS were looking for help with.

1. UgCS for DJI App Crashing. It seems like the app crashes quite alot. Sometimes this happens during flight and requires a reboot. We have the most up to date app. Hard to pinpoint what's causing this - anyone else experiencing the app crashing alot?

2. UgCS Unable to Upload Routes - Command is Timing out and not uploading the route. Seems as per the troubleshooting note in the manual below.

From the manual troubleshooting section:

"Message like "Execution of this process has timed out" even if you have no any obstacles between the drone and RC and you have good GPS signal (or you are in simulator mode)"

"Sometimes during mission upload or attempt to switch to
Auto mode, this message can be displayed, even if no obstacles located between drone and RC and good GPS
signal is present (or in simulator mode). Not only obstacle,
but also interference can lead to timeout."

We are doing test flights in an area with many metal shipping storage containers - do you think this could be causing interference resulting in this issue? We have line of sight, good GPS and Telemetry links. We've flown in this same area many times without issues but today was a battle trying to get a route uploading we had to give up. We rebooted everything multiple times and nothing fixed it. We had good connection between the laptop and tablet but could not upload routes.

Thanks in advance - help is much appreciated.

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Yesterday the UgCS app for DJI crashed 6 times when flying for roughly 5 hours. Most of the time these app crashes occurred in the middle of Photogrammetry flights. This caused us to have to go back and fly certain lines within the Photogrammetry routes a second time to ensure we can geotag pictures properly with UgCS.

Can anyone explain what is going on with the app to be crashing as often as it does? I see there's a recent update released just a few days ago - we will update to that. We're getting frustrated with this unreliability and its forcing us to explore other options. This seems to be a problem that isn't going away.

Dear Steve,

Please accept my apology for not answering sooner.

What version of UgCS do you use? It in 2.13 or 3.0?

In case if it's UgCS 3.0 then, please, update UgCS for DJI to the latest version.

You can find it here:

In case if it's UgCS 2.13 then we will need logs for analysis.

from Android device:

- Device storage > Android > data > > files > log_cat - all files,

- Device storage > Android > data > > files > crash_log .

and desktop logs:

for Windows

for Mac OS X
/Users/User Name/Library/Logs

for Linux

where USER_NAME – current user

Best regards,

Anna Moshkova

SPH Engineering

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We have UgCS 3.0 and the previous version of Ugcs for DJI before the update a few days ago. We will update to the latest mobile app and report back after our next flights.



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