I've installed UgCS for DJI on a DJI Crystal Sky. In connecting the Crystal Sky to the Controller and to the Matrice 210 RTK, UgCS for SJI says:


If a few seconds this is then followed by a popup that says:

"Permission Check Failure

The metadata received from server is invalid, please reconnect to the server and try"

This is what it exactly says, it ends with "try"..

Any idea what I need to do from this point?


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Hi Mike,

Have you followed these steps? https://www.ugcs.com/how-to-install-ugcs-for-dji-on-crystalsky

NOTE!!! There is no official support of UgCS for CrystalSky, but it can work in some cases.

Best regards,
UgCS Support Team
Janis Jonins

Hi Janis

Thanks you for the link.

I followed the directions and it looks like it's trying to run, but now states:

"UgCS for DJI won't run without Google Play services which are not supported by your device"

Any idea how I get past this?


Hi Mike,

UgCS for DJI uses Google maps, that requires Google Play services. As you may have noticed, there are no Google Play services on Crystal Sky. For now, only option is to change map provider settings in UgCS for DJI, selecting option - no map provider.

Best regards,
UgCS Support Team
Janis Jonins



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