I think many of us need to use UGCS without internet. 

I trying to download cache with SASPlanet and replace it to UGCS Geoserver cache. But there is no such tiles type in SASPlanet. 

Geoserver cache for Google (hybrid) is placed here:
c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\UGCS\db\MapTiles_Cache\1f8f19f0579db5c9-Google (hybrid)\tiles\

It is a set of PNG files without extension (see attached 01.png):

I tested all export types in SASPlanet, and I cant get something like this png files (screenshot 01.png)
SASPlanet tiles download process (attached screenshot 02.jpg):

SASPlanet tiles export types (attached screenshot 03.jpg):

The question is: How to create a cache for local geoserver for UGCS

Geoserver files placed here: c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\UGCS\

UGCS using this Geoserver (as I see):

Here got to be geoserver web page but its unavailable:

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Hi Alex,

why not to use "legal" UgCS methods?

1. You can cache map using "Offline map" command in upper right corner of UgCS window.

2. Or when you have Internet connection you can create preliminary route and calculate it - UgCS will cache all necessary data.

In any case UgCS requires not only tiles. It uses also earth elevation data to calculate relative altitudes for all waypoints. So even if you will find a way how to populate tiles cache manually, it will be not enough for off-line work.


Geoserver in UgCS - it's our own geoserver..

1. I will use Offline map at this time. The problem is that my objects placed somewhere in territory about 30x15 kilomiters. I got to find it and make air scanning with quadrocopter. I dont know exact coordinates of my objects.

2. To test this idea I corrected some limitations of "Plane Emulator" UAV:

Then I drawed a Scan Area over all of my territory (30x15km) and trying to calculate. 

I think is stuck on relief calculation:

But with Scan Area 15x15km its finished well. So i think it can be working techprocess):

OK, as result UgCS has cached elevation data and some tiles for 15x15 km area.

But there is one issue - UgCS will cache only those tiles that were displayed on the screen, in your case they can be with low resolution.

To populate UgCS cache with high resolution tiles you need to scroll through all your area with low point of view altitude. Or you can export MBTiles with hi-res tiles from SASPlanet and add this file as map source in UgCS:

All what I can say after months of using UGCS that it's very hard to use it if you need to work without internet.
Prefly preparations:
- planning my missions in office with internet connection, calculating rote and saving
- loading map with standart button Offline map
- loading map with zooming 

In the field problems:
- I have no visible map in UGCS window or its only few tiles of map! Sometimes after program restaring I can see preloaded maps, but I even don't waiting to see map in field, I jost got another PC with GlobalMapper and map for this territory
- Impossible to create flight plan for territory without terrain model, so If I missed\forgot something on prefly preparations stage in office I got to get back to office to load tiles of map and terrain model

This is a mapping software and the main problem of this software - It can't work properly with maps! 

Can't wait to get new quadrocopter with pixhawk to use it with MissionPlanner...

Alex, I think that I realized reason why you sometimes lost cached map tiles. It seems that we have too small cache size, and if you will try to cache large area, or lot of areas, new tiles can overwrite old ones.

Cache size is configurable and if this problem is still actual I can check where to change this parameter.

Cache size is actual problem for me. If we can change this parameter it would be great.

Hi, cache size can be changed here:

Please note that cache size is individual for each map provider.



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