Hi, I am working on testing UGCS with a Pixhawk platform hexacopter but I have a few questions. I'm hoping the UGCS engineers can help.

1. Is Pixhawk and PX4 the same thing? I see standard vehicle platforms for Ardupilot and PX4, which should I be using for Pixhawk?

2. Why does ardupilot/PX4 have no "Action on loss of datalink" pull down under "route parameters"? What will it do if datalink is lost? I don't see a setting for this in Mission Planner either so this is probably the wrong place to ask this question.

3. Once a UGCS route is created, how can that route be saved for recall at a later date? When creating a route I see the option to open from a file but there is no save button.

4. Is it possible when flying to "quickly" enter a route somewhere that is not the starting point? I know how to do it by editing the route with a different starting point, but this takes some time to calculate and upload, not good for an emergency situation where the drone needs to quickly come home via a specified route. For example in Mission Planner you can "goto" any arbitrary waypoint and continue on the route from there.

5. Is it possible to edit a route slightly while flying? For example the drone is a bit too close to trees, so I want to change the altitude of a waypoint that the drone has not approached yet. When I did this and uploaded the route, the drone turned back to the first waypoint and started from the beginning.

Thanks for the help!


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Hi Alex,

1. Pixhawk is the hardware platform used to run either Ardupilot or PX4 flight controller software. UgCS is more expierenced with Ardupilot since that has been around for a much longer time.

2. As far as I know, Ardupilot does not support action on datalink loss, only PX4 does. Currently trough PX4 support is still in early stage, maybe in later versions we will have this feature in UgCS.

3.Routes are saved automatically, but it is also possible to export a route (to transfer to another computer, for example) and then comes the Export/Import route function in use.

4. We have Click & Go function in UgCS, please see this video how that works: https://youtu.be/JhyxtJHrnK8

5. Yes, You have to also set a new start point using the "Change start point" option in route settings. Read more in user manual




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