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I attempted a photometery mission using Open UgCS covering about a 250m2 area. I could not successfully upload the mission to the Phantom 4. The error on the UgCS app told me that the "Waypoint distance is too close". Is there any further detail on what this warning means? how to correct it?

I removed my takeoff and landing points from the route and made sure to adjust the area of the mission to be away from the UAV's home base thinking that this was the issue. I also experimented with a purely waypoint mission by adding a few waypoints very close together. This type of mission was accepted with no warnings.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Phantom has undocumented minimum distance between waypoints. Something like 5m from practical experience.

You can find in DJI SDK doc's some number of error codes regarding "too close" (here - https://developer.dji.com/iframe/mobile-sdk-doc/android/reference/d...) but without any explanations when these errors are raised.

So if you get such error I can recommend you only increase distance between waypoints (including take-off and landing points).

Thank you for the answer. I had removed takeoff and landing points and also moved the survey area away from the home point. However, I still received the error. I was wondering if the automatically generated waypoints for the photometery mission was the issue. Perhaps they are however they all seem to be further than the 5m limit. I hope to test the photometery feature out again tomorrow. I will post the results.

Colin, could you send me your mission to ugcs@ugcs.com. Will check what can be cause of such message.


I had the same problem with a 30 ha area. I created a new mission form scratch, incresed  the GSD, moved appart landing and takeoff place, I even moved 150 away to a new place, nothing worked, the same error, and I could not made the flight.

Pedro, could you export and post here your mission? Or send it to our support.

I found comment from some DJI guy here - https://github.com/dji-sdk/Mobile-SDK-iOS/issues/195

The two adjacent waypoints distance must be larger than the 0.5 meter in space. (Noted the next waypoint of the last waypoint is the first waypoint. )
Any adjacent waypoints with different altitude but same coordinate would be acceptable only under the circumstance the spatial distance is larger than 0.5


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