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DJI GO and Andriod

We just bought UgCS and I have a Galaxy Tab A6.  It seems with DJI Go's latest version this tablet cannot handle the camera feed.  Which I think is the reason we are not getting a camera feed in UgCS.

I'm running Andriod version 5.1.1.  

Is there anywa

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Corridor scan in UgCS

I am a new user to UgCS. I really need to be able to do a corridor scan where I define a path (like a power line or a pipeline or a railroad line) and have the flight paths created automatically based on my camera parameters/GSD. QGroundControl has t

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Set waypoint as landing spot


I've been able to set one of the waypoints as the 'start point', will that make the return to home point also? If not, how do I make the start point the return point? The route became numbered in a way that the 1st waypoint is in the middle of the

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Orientation of quad after Hold


During some flights (facade routes), with both a Mavic 2 Zoom and a Matrice 210 RTK, pressing 'Hold' followed by doing some manual flying was done. When Continue was pressed, the quad went back to the original route but did not resume the proper or

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