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Corridor scan in UgCS

Started by Greg. Last reply by Greg Jun 4. 2 Replies

I am a new user to UgCS. I really need to be able to do a corridor scan where I define a path (like a power line or a pipeline or a railroad line) and have the flight paths created automatically based on my camera parameters/GSD. QGroundControl has this feature and it works very well. Is it possible to do this in UgCS currently? Could you PLEASE add the feature to UgCS? This is a huge feature for me as I do missing person searches and I need to follow along certain terrain features. Thank you.Continue

Set waypoint as landing spot

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins Jun 3. 1 Reply

HiI've been able to set one of the waypoints as the 'start point', will that make the return to home point also? If not, how do I make the start point the return point? The route became numbered in a way that the 1st waypoint is in the middle of the route (not sure how that happened).Thanks...Continue

Adding waypoints to existing route?

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins Jun 3. 1 Reply

HiHow does one add a waypoint to an existing route?Also, is there a way to change the numbering of the route's waypoints?Thanks...Continue

telemetry window, change lat/long to decimal?

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins May 31. 1 Reply

HiWhen the mission is in progress, in the Telemetry window, is it possible to show Lat/Long as decimal instead of d,m,s?Thanks...Continue

route param changes in flight

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins May 31. 1 Reply

HiIs it possible to make changes to the route parameters while the route is active (quad in flight)?Thanks...Continue

overlaps vs set camera by time

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins May 31. 1 Reply

HiIn the facade setup menu on the mission editor you select Forward/Side overlap, you can also set the camera action by time and mode. Can these conflict , if so, which one overrides the other?Thanks...Continue

taking photos between waypoints in facade scan

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins May 31. 1 Reply

HiIs there a way to show on the facade scan route where the images would be taken? Say I have a facade scan where the ground waypoints are 40m apart and I want to take an image every one meter along the route.Is it possible to display on the route in the editor where those images will be taken?Thanks...Continue

beta version: instantly mark a location the map?

Started by Mike Sousa May 30. 0 Replies

HiIn the new beta version it mentions the following:"An option is added to instantly mark a location the map for detailed inspection, e.g. when something identified in the video during the flight."Can this info for marking the map come from the video (Lat/Long). At what accuracy would that be?Thanks...Continue

Can't connect UGCS for DJI to Android devices

Started by Jason Schilling. Last reply by Mike Sousa May 16. 1 Reply

Hi all. I am using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro (with the latest firmware update) and am having trouble connecting the P4P to several android devices that have UGCS for DJI installed on them. I have tried unsuccessfully connecting to a Lenovo TB-8504F  tablet (Android Version 7.1.1) and a Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android Version 9) following the steps outlined here: …Continue

Exporting section of route from Telemetry

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins Apr 24. 3 Replies

HiI've collected telemetry for a fairly long flight and because of this, it has too many waypoints and will not process (I'm suspecting that's the reason why). Is it possible to save a part of the telemetry as a KML file in the Telemetry player, or maybe delete segments of the create route?Thanks...Continue

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Comment by andrew cutter on May 6, 2016 at 8:46am

Got reply back from UGCS on the use of tablet . Trying to find out whether pixhawk copter or fix wing is supported and working .

will work on the mobile tablet . All i could find was support for DJI . According to the email Android 5 and 6 is working ?

Comment by Eric Kubicka on August 16, 2015 at 2:19pm

If anyone is interested in beta testing our new logbook sync to UGCS let us know. We appreciate any takers/feedback. . 


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