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Brief Summary of Jetson TX1 and TX1 Module:

NVIDIA's Jetson TX1 is a development kit for embedded supercomputing, specifically intended for computationally intensive applications such as machine vision and deep learning. 

-> Credit card-sized TX1 Module (50x87mm) can be deployed in medium-sized Copters, Fixed-wings, etc. 

-> Low power consumption: <10W during complex tasks 

-> GPU-accelerated libraries/software tools (e.g., cuDNN, OpenCV acceleration)


Jetson TX1 - $599 available from NVIDIA and their distributors

TX1 Module - $299 (available in early 2016)

Carrier Board:

NVIDIA provides the large carrier board included in the Jetson TX1 kit, which includes a full set of I/O connections. The TX1 Module requires a miniaturized carrier board for practical deployment in UAVs. It is expected that smaller carrier board (i.e., credit-card-sized) will be developed by companies/individuals in the TX1 user community. A potential carrier board design has already been proposed by Auvidea ( 

Integration w/ Autopilot (MAVProxy, DroneKit, etc.):


The repo is open to accept PRs for content such as setup scripts to install all the various packages we need including MAVProxy, DroneKit, etc.  

Is Jetson TX1 already fly with Kespry ?

Yes, and it looks like ZED has also been flying.... Also, some have already flown with the large TK1 board (

The discussion about creating a small carrier board for TX1 is over here: 


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