I noticed many people want to replace the dome with different noses for their Talons.

For those access to a 3D printer I have uploaded some designs to Thingiverse which may prove helpful. All are designed to mount directly to the standard bulkhead and have cutouts to fit the default carbon fibre tubes.

Talon Solid 120mm Nosecone - A tall print but should fit most printers. Nice and streamlined

Talon Camera Platform Nosecone with cable access - For all your DIY FPV needs

Talon Solid Blunt Nosecone - Easiest to print but probably not as aerodynamic

I hope these are useful for someone. Happy to take feedback.

I have in the past considered setting up an online store to sell these sorts of aircraft mods for people without 3D printers who are keen on RC. Would be keen to gauge interest in that.

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Nice idea!

How did I miss this, brilliant just what I need!

Thx for sharing. Do you have a fpv version without the two little reinforcement triangles? I need the whole space of the fpv platform.

Hi Hugues,

No problems I have uploaded a version of it without the triangular braces to the existing thingiverse page. Hopefully that helps you out.


Thx a lot!

I downloaded the STL file to try to let it print via shapeways.com. My god, I fell off my chair when I saw that the cost to print the FPV nose cone was about 270 euros (without shipping)!

Do you guys know of reasonably priced 3D print services ?

Looking for ideas on a front nose for my Talon build.  Was going to print up one of these but M3D printer is too small.  I've built up a foam cone for now but I'm sure it will be short for the world as I will have to land in grass, stubble, gravel when I'm in the country flying fields.  Anyone have pictures they're willing to share.  Another idea I had, but don't have the knowledge to pull it off yet, is to print the platform nose in two or three pieces and assemble it.  Anybody know how to rework an STL file?

Hi Mike,

You can chop the nose into parts using software such as FreeCAD (which i used to design it).

The key is to use the part design mode and put some square blocks over the half you want to chop off (and then doing the opposite). Hope that helps.

Thanks Ben for the tip.  I'll give FreeCad a try.


Hey Mate

Are you selling these already? I really hate the glass dome, I want the "Talon Solid 120mm Nosecone"

How much is that?

Thanks in advance

Hi - haven't got anything arranged for this formally. Where are you located?

I'm located in Tanzania (East Africa).

Would it be possible to make four of those for me and have them shipped? Let me know the cost. I will send you a pm for more details.




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