Maybe somebody can give me some advise please. I have the Talon with the extended wings and I must admit I have fallen in love with this Plane! It flies very stable and slow which is ideal for my Aerial Survey Mapping Projects.

This all ended this morning, when sending it on a Mission, the motor ripped the entire section off from the back of the Plane and needless to same, the Talon kissed Mother Earth! There goes my Love Life!

It was the standard Motor size that get supplied by the Company in China. Any ideas?

I am going to buy a new one and need some advise to cover the Body for some extra strength and better surface finish.



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Another Photo

Hi Gustav

Have you perhaps replaced the piece of Plywood at the back where the Talon lands on? After a couple of landings, the Plywood is splintering to pieces! With what do you suggest can this be replaced with? Please bear in mind that our landings are on rough terrain out in the field in Africa!

Another question....is there anything I can cover the Talon body with (except Fibre) to give the Surface a more "Solid" look?




  I had an issue with the PixHawk on a hexa-copter a while ago.  The pixhawk was demanding the ESC to accelerate too quickly and causing the 400 KV motors to skip a cog and motor stall.  Massive amounts of torque and current sensed by the logs.  Not kept up on the pixhawk firmware updates to see if this had been resolved.  We found a work around in the Motor speed response settings.  Only other option was a programmable ESC. 

Loading Photos in Botswana seems to be a problem! Lets try again!



Another Photo.



That looks like the motor plate vibrated loose over time.  When it came loose, the screws going into the foam torqued opposite of the rotation.   The motor plate spun in its groove breaking the cowling off as a result.  

Im going to mod mine with slots the size of popsicle sticks.  Insert a heated rectangle rod to match the hole size and depth into the foam, and glue the popsicle sticks into the foam to disperse the vibrations and torque through the airframe.

This should keep the weight down and do the trick.  

Mine too !

I caught it early on, soaked the wood with thin CA, pried away some of the foam at the root of the skid, and then worked some thin epoxy into the area.

If there is a largish area of wood left, some printed circuit board material stuck on both sides might to the trick.

Or hack a wheel type fitting there ?

Covering will add to the weight, but I saw some nice results on Wessie's X8, with iron on type normal rc covering material.

Ah, maybe that was part of the problem, using epoxy.

I only use UHU POR.

Bit of a pain to use on large surfaces I admit.......

I agree with Adam, the motor plate came loose, probably from vibration, and then spun.

Epoxy does not grip on EPO.

I've never had a POR joint come loose.

Show us the prop tips ?

Mike, that was an internal construction problem, wrapping something around the outside won't fix it.

I Agree.  It will simply fall from the sky in one piece...



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