I decided to take a big jump into arduplane & pixhawk by purchasing a XUAV Talon as my first APM plane. I hear already some voices say I should have started with a Bixler but I should already benefit from my Arducopter knowledge, I hope.

I ordered at fpv model because there are no Talon offering in Europe (one in Switzerland but three times the price). It should arrive in a few days.

I have to decide on motor and prop. I have read some good combinations like a 550kv T-motor with 12x6 prop; or for longer flights a low kV config such as a T-motor 400kv with 15x5 prop (in 6S battery config).

Do you guys have good advices for me? 

I would also be interested by your PID params for your Talon config.

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The Talon is a very fast plane and takes a long area to land it but a brilliant plane non the less. I have ordered the extension wings to make the talon wing span over 2m which will hopefully slow it down and make it easier to come land.

Keep you first build very very very and I say again very light. When you have an arrival it will cause less damage. This will probably mean you have to put your battery right at the front. Don't add any FPV gear until you have at least 10 flight hours with your first real UAS!

Make sure you fly in a huge area and only turn when you are two or three mistakes high. The CG on the wing is exactly the right place and if you want it slightly more sporty put it on the wires.

I would not go down the 6S route on your first aircraft. Aircraft are much much cooler than multirotors largely because they need more skill to fly ;-)

The Talon is fantastic I am waiting on some parts to get a second one flying, hopefully with wing extensions (waiting on them as well)

Thx for your advice's.

I spotted these wing extensions as well. 

Christian, are you selling those?

Unfortunately only to South Africa, the shipping to the rest of the world is way to expensive. FPV Model might be selling them its best you contact them.


I am opening a drone school in France and I want to purchase a Talon for advanced training, while students will most certainly want to purchase it also at the end of their training.

Is fpvmodel the only way to ship to Europe ? Shipping cost is just horrendous, and I am not even talking about custom taxes. A European hub for selling the talon would be great.

If you can do a bulk order like 5 planes I can send it to you via china directly from the manufacture.

Ordered the Red Talon from Fpvstyle with free Wing extension!! Talon was available with my LHS at a bit higher cost, but the deal at FpvStyl ($99 + $40 shipping + Wing extension free ) was tempting.

I have Axi 2826/8 (around 11(around 920kv) lying with me. Would they be good for Talon ?? I have seen  people using lover KV motor and higher Cell count of 6S for long flight but Axi are known for their efficiency.

My Talon arrived this week. This would be my second uav, fist one and still flying is FX-61 wing. Very good uav but space get cramped when you add APM with telematry radios, video down link, still photo camera and 5000-10000mah batteries. Full load is 2,2-2,5kg with 40min flight time.

I hope the Talon will be able to carry this and give me 1hour flight time. I plan to use Turnigy G10 1100kv motor with 11x4 prop and 3s 5000mah batteries, because I have them at the moment. I know I can use a 4s, but will have to buy them, with the G10 with 9x6 prop. Will do tests to see which will give me the longest flight times.

I plan to paint it black underneath, and the body a bright orange.

Thank you. A firend of mine purchased the Talon and for my needs, it is eventually not the plane I need ( Talon has a relatively high stall speed,  flies at a high speed in general, and is not so good in 2 axes so not adequate for a school ).

About motor for the Talon, i will first use a 4S config (to start lighter than with 6S) using a rctiger MN3510-700Kv with a 13x8 prop. Once I get to fly it correctly, I will move to a 6S with rctiger AT2826-550KV and 12x6 prop.

For information, with the following motor configuration:

4S config and a rctiger MN3510-700Kv with a 13x8 prop, I measured on the bench 1000 gr of thrust at 50% throttle , for a consumption of 8.8 amps (battery at 3.8V per cell)



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