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  • Hello, I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share their dataflash or tlog from their Talon.  I want to see how my Talon's response to roll, pitch, and yaw input in Auto mode compares to others.  Thanks!

  • Tatich, did you ever find your Talon ?

  • Hi Elios,

    I try to do some pictures tomorrow or so, Talon is in my store, and it is night here ! Not that you would see much, the thin carbon rods are completely hidden in the foam, and I painted the tips red !

    I'm not too good with calculations, I just flew different speeds in manual, and logged current draw vs speed, to see what would give me the longest distance, with some safety factor sucked out of my thumb for strong winds.

    I haven't done much flying lately, it is winter, the weather is bad, and most clubs now don't allow drones anymore.....

  • HI Gustav,

    Great work,

    2 questions:

    1-Can you post some photos of the tail and how you did it, It will nice to see it. 

    2- What was the calculation to configure the cruise speed to 16m/s and the FWB min at 10 under Airspeed section? With my configuration both parameters are almost the same at 14m/s.

  • And a tip from my side, I found the tips of the rudders quite easily bend when it is bumped, and then becomes soft and floppy.

    I bought some 2mm carbon rod from Clowns Hobbies here, cut two 70mm lengths, sharpened one end on a grinder, and carefully pushed it from the rear of the floppy bits into the more solid foam.

    I didn't use any glue.

  • Well, as I said, my document is a work in progress.........

    I helped set up another Talon recently, and the owner required clarity on some parts of the document.

    I would also appreciate any feedback, tips you might have, etc.

    I particularly would like to know how to make the tail feathers removable, for transport !

    Anyway, the new document.....



    Hi, Bad news, on Sunday I went to flight X-talon, was test of camera trigger plan photography with the mission planner, only 5 minutes. I switched Auto mode and suddenly the X Talon changed the route and started to far away; In the logs watched the legends "bad compass Health" and "GPS: No GPS" I got switch to RTL mode, but didn't respond. The X-talon lost on the forest around one km of take off place. Now I need recovering my UAV, I followed the flight path to find it, meaning through flight records unsuccessfully. I am concerned because approaches my first job of aerial photo with the UAV.

    Today I went with GPS on hand for looking for it, but unsuccessfully. The crash place no it difficult to walk .

    Do you think that X-talon fell down more far away that logs show?

    I attach crash log, I hope your comments


  • Hi.

    Does anybody know about a possible discontinuation of talon wing extensions?

    I have talked to fpvmodel and they say the factory is not producing them now.
  •   Heeeyy  Gustav: 

    Great job, the documento is very useful for people how I, that having basic knowledge of UAV,

    Thank very much ¡¡¡

  • Oops, that was the draft copy, this one is better!


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auto grid mission with my talon

Hi friends,Can anyone help my to fix this problem regarding strange and unuseful turns on grid mode (just turns on South part) versus the northern that seem to be fine?thank you.The plane ia a TALON with extended wings. L1 NAV 15, dumping 0,80.

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Pixhawk Mini and Spektrum Controller

Hi friends,I'm currently trying to integrate a pixhawk into my XUAV talon that I have built for aerial photography. This is going to be my first time using a pixhawk on a plan rather than a copter drone so I'm a bit lost. First, I noticed that in qgroundcontrol when setting up my pixhawk, there is no profile for the talon's v-tail design, is there a guide on here or someone who would be able to help me download or setup a profile in qgroundcontrol that would be appropriate for the talon?Second,…

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X-UAV Build

Hi all,I'm looking for an airframe that will ultimately be aimed at mapping/orthomosaic type projects and the Talon is one we are certainly interested in.I know this has probably been asked 100 times, but does anyone have any information or could point me to links of existing threads that outline a good build and components that work well with the talon.I'm in Australia so pretty sure there won't be much available here in country so will be looking abroad to build the kit.Are the wing…

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Quadcopter with Saitek Joystick X56 + Scherrer Tx700 Pro + Rx700 LR +PSU

Hellocan Someone help to connect Saitek Joystick X56 + Scherrer Tx700 Pro + Rx700 LR +PSUin order to fly a quadcopter ?And if it is impossibleHow to connect the TX700 Pro and the Quanum V52 Ground Control System, please? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/winbox-ground-control-system-v52.html https://hobbyking.com/en_us/rx700lr-psu-reseller.html https://hobbyking.com/en_us/tx700-pro-reseller.htmlThanks

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