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Hi X8 Copter folks!  Opening a new Group as I wish to share my development and gather information on yours.  Please join in and let's grow our hobby!

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Landing gear for 3DR X8

Started by Carlos. Last reply by Paul Tegler May 9, 2017. 5 Replies

So I am thinking of adding a "crab"-style landing gear to my 3dr x8 octoquad. This is mainly so I can add padding at the bottom for extra protection and for the ability to land/float on water in case…Continue

Tags: landing gear

Camera Mount Designs

Started by Joel Dec 6, 2015. 0 Replies

Does anyone know of 3D print camera mount designs for the X8? Or other neat DIY camera mounts?I was looking at …Continue

Tags: camera mount, X8

Prop washers for 3DR X8+

Started by Carlos. Last reply by Carlos Jul 3, 2015. 2 Replies

Hi all,Recently I was flying my X8+ copter and a couple of the propellers flew off. Aside from the issue of keeping the things wound on tightly (I am considering lock nuts) I need to replace a couple…Continue

Tags: washers, prop, x8+

go pro charging

Started by Gregg Jun 28, 2015. 0 Replies

3dr tech support said the go cam does not charge from the x8.....yes it does. I made the mistake of unplugging the usb cable from the go cam while powered up and now I can not get the video to feed…Continue

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Comment by Doug Walmsley on January 30, 2015 at 7:22am

Here is the latest discussion on Antenna Tracking for those interested.

Seems that v0.3 was pushed too soon and Randy is working on another push (V0.4) which will allow Telm2 connection from Antenna Tracker to GCS.  This will be awesome improvement as it will allow wireless connection between GCS and antenna.  I feel Randy and the team of DEVs will have this ready by spring time here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Comment by Doug Walmsley on January 23, 2015 at 8:19am

Hi DG,

The DEVS are talking about IC2 communications as being the issue, but I'm not a hundred percent on it.  Go to drone-discuss and view the info. 


I have not been able to fly much lately due to weather but the one flight I had showed for 7 minutes no Lidar lost comms to Pixhawk. 

The Devs believe I spotted a problem and they are actively troubleshoot as 3DR and reporting back to the team their findings.

Comment by DG on January 20, 2015 at 10:26am

Any word on the Lidar issue?

Comment by DG on January 10, 2015 at 7:13am

That's good to know considering LIDAR was my next project before Spring. Still thinking about flat hexa or X8 though if this Spy frame ends up being an Albatross.

Comment by Doug Walmsley on January 9, 2015 at 1:13pm

Yesterday I proceeded to bench test the LIDAR unit and came across a peculiar issue.  On several bench test I discovered that the LIDAR unit stopped sending data to the Pixhawk.  First attempt showed it stopped around 5.5 minutes, second test about 1 minute, third test was around 8 minutes, etc...

Further test showed it wasn't the pixhawk which was the issue as resetting the Pixhawk didn't show it receiving data from the unit.  So I left Pixhawk connected and monitored data and pulled power plug from LIDAR unit and then reattached it and Pixhawk started seeing altitude data again.  This was done several times with same result.

So at this point, I think there is a communication issue between LIDAR Lite and Pixhawk.

I have left my concerns with Pulse Light on their blog in an attempt to find a solution to this problem.  See.!topic/pulsedlight3d/JOjvyywFyWg

I've left my message with 3DR hardware folks on their Forum.  So now I sit and wait for help.

Comment by Doug Walmsley on January 8, 2015 at 7:05am



Not sure what the AUW is.  I haven't weighed it lately.  Still working on getting GoPro and stabilized platform remounted.

Comment by DG on January 7, 2015 at 7:19pm

The info on the frame says 650g which is pretty good. What is the AUW with your current setup?

The frame looks well tied together and stiff. Are you happy with the quality and design?

Comment by Doug Walmsley on January 7, 2015 at 7:48am

Yesterday I received 2x Lidar Lite units.  I have now mounted one to my X8 and finished the wiring process.  When I get a chance I will screen capture Mission Planner data and hopefully get it up and flying as soon as weather improves.  More to follow.

Comment by David Pulvermacher on December 30, 2014 at 11:30pm

Thanks for that Doug.

I suspected that redundancy might be the issue! I think about that often too. This is an extremely expensive hobby, especially considering our mickey mouse currency. I think I might add the other four 980kv motors in due course, just to make a comparison 4 versus 8 with everything else remaining the same. At present I get about 12 minutes flying on a 5000Ma 3S and mine isn't a particularly light frame. Best wishes for 2015.

Comment by Doug Walmsley on December 29, 2014 at 7:03am

@Bob Chaplin.  You can purchase the canopy from a Chinese company where I ordered my frame and canopy.


@David Pulvermacher.  When I started this build, I had no real goal in mind other than redundancy.  The original frame design was modified from a quad to a X8 because I did not wish to lose more money if the air frame fell from the sky due to a failure in power plant or controller.  The GoPro was added as I pulled it from my Y6B frame and decided to use my X8 for my filming.  In the spring, I plan to perform a pull test to determine payload weight limits, but for now the GoPro is my tool of choice.


As with anything you build and fly, thrust to weight ratio is important.  8 motors significant adds to overall weight and decreases flight time.  At this point in time, I'm able to stay aloft running a 4S 8,000 mAh battery for 10-12 minutes max and this includes soft flying (ie hovering and slow forward flight).  I've drain the battery quite rapidly push the airframe up to 45 mph (72 kph) and on my initial flight with 880kv motors, cooked one of the 8,000 mAh batteries.  This is why I refitted my air frame with 600 kv motors and larger propellers.


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