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Manual for Ardupilot Mega 1.0/1.4

Started by Justin Dec 1, 2016. 0 Replies

Hi, I have a couple of the older APM boards.  I stopped flying for a few years and kind of lost touch with them.Trying to get back into the hobby now and I've discovered that all the instructions for…Continue

ArduPilot w/ ATMega328 boards & ArduIMU+ V3 kit

Started by Simon Atkinson. Last reply by Simon Atkinson Aug 15, 2016. 3 Replies

Hi there I bought a couple ArduPilot w/ ATMega328 boards a few years back, but didn't get to use them .... work got in the way! I'm still keen to do something with them -- using an IMU set-up - but…Continue

Ardupilot (Legacy) code?

Started by Kai. Last reply by Kai Jul 26, 2015. 5 Replies

Hi all,I found an original AurduPilot hardware I bought some years ago and never used and I would like to use it for a boat.Unfortunately all links to the manual and code are taken down :-((Could…Continue

Arming Problem with Ardupilot Mega1.4

Started by GIREESH NARAYANAN NAIR. Last reply by Charles lakins Aug 15, 2013. 1 Reply

I am new to this group. I was using Ardupilot Mega 1.4 for my Quad and it was working reasonably well. I made some frame modification and programmed the board with APM Planner 1.2.67. Then the…Continue

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Comment by Charles lakins on February 25, 2013 at 7:12pm

would it fit inside a cf card case? like the one in my picture below

Thats an em406a gps tho , seem to be doing strange things can't seem to connect to it well using any gps tool software

I switched to my ublox5 and have no problems connecting using ucenter

EM406a in cf card case


I really like the antenna for the ublox

I think i'm going to poke it through the top of the fuse on my cessna

Comment by Harry on February 25, 2013 at 3:40pm

APM, that's probably really the best route to go multirotor. 

Charles, your recommendation for the crius Ublox GPS was a good one.  That sucker runs good.  I need a good enclosure for it though.  I dont like having bare circuitry hangin in the breeze.  I saw someone stuck one in a tic tac package.   

Comment by Charles lakins on February 19, 2013 at 10:14pm

Made a alternate source to use as my bec supply for my APM & Receiver instead of using my esc bec supply

Almost Finished Top plate


Comment by Charles lakins on February 13, 2013 at 11:23pm

Thats cool you got that tho, Yeah its a groundstation monitor but for now im just using it to test the CL-OSD that I edited & flashed to a Hobbking E-OSD its really small too, about the size of a lighter but thin, using a gps and board camera with my video transmitter ,does'nt wiegh much all together

I still need to find a nice case to put the monitor inside

Comment by Harry on February 13, 2013 at 10:23pm

Whoa, that's nice.  Is that part of a groundstation you're building?

The only thing I'm trying to do is add motor mixing on channels setup for servos.  It sorta works.  I edited the mixing for V-tail by adding throttle so it's like throttle + roll + pitch on one motor and throttle + roll - ptich on the other.  I cant get any response out of rudder except when it adds adverse roll compensation.  There's mixing in multiple places even in EEPROM.  There's 3 layers that I can see.

It does respond correctly to the IMU which is good, just not good enough yet.

Anyway, I'll start using the search and see if anyone else tried multicopter on Ardupilot.

Comment by Charles lakins on February 12, 2013 at 3:55pm

Are you adopting the newer code or doing it from scratch?

is there anyone out there who has worked on a version before ,maybe in the archives way back, I would imagine there must be something out there, lacking the features for a groundstation or telemetry maybe.. but functional enough to work from


I never really looked yet I have had so many projects on the go, I have'nt had time to install my legacy on a plane either lol

Did a flash/solder mod to an E-OSD  to add gps input and gps related features (also supporting adupilot) and It turned out pretty well so far


Before (as E-OSD)


After (as CL-OSD)

It's been a learning code experience too :)

Comment by Harry on February 12, 2013 at 2:04pm

Figured out, hardly.  I'm on my own with this.  I got it where I can calibrate the IMU and the 2 front motors will react in stabilize mode but the rear motor wont.  They all react to throttle but only in stabilize mode.  There's so many layers to it, I can only scratch the surface and that wont do it. 

Comment by Charles lakins on February 8, 2013 at 4:35am

Wow you really got it figured out, I think I would be lost when it got that far into it

you never know tho we all seem to learn more everyday

Comment by Harry on February 8, 2013 at 12:25am

I'll take another look at the mixing Jean-Luis used and see if there is a way to squeeze it into the ardupilot.  The ardupilot already reads channels and can pass a signal and it can even mix outputs.  It was the one thing I didnt try and it could be the easiest most logical way.

Well, I'm trying right now.  I added some mixing in the servo tab and it isnt working right.  I can atleast get the ESC's to arm, but the mixing doesnt work.  I can also change motor speed using the stick but none of it makes any sense.  I might go back to trying to send ordinary 4 channel control to the KK and let it do the mixing.  The problem with that was I couldnt arm the KK.  That might just be a matter of tweaking the min value for rudder.  it's a headache. 

Comment by Charles lakins on January 31, 2013 at 1:02pm

It sure would be nice if we could just dictate vocally (like startrek) to our computers and they could compile the code with the needed features we wanted, just think of the possibilties then!


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