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Can't connect UGCS for DJI to Android devices

Started by Jason Schilling. Last reply by Mike Sousa May 16. 1 Reply

Hi all. I am using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro (with the latest firmware update) and am having trouble connecting the P4P to several android devices that have UGCS for DJI installed on them. I have tried unsuccessfully connecting to a Lenovo TB-8504F  tablet (Android Version 7.1.1) and a Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android Version 9) following the steps outlined here: …Continue

Exporting section of route from Telemetry

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins Apr 24. 3 Replies

HiI've collected telemetry for a fairly long flight and because of this, it has too many waypoints and will not process (I'm suspecting that's the reason why). Is it possible to save a part of the telemetry as a KML file in the Telemetry player, or maybe delete segments of the create route?Thanks...Continue

Orientation of quad after Hold

Started by Mike Sousa Apr 19. 0 Replies

HiDuring some flights (facade routes), with both a Mavic 2 Zoom and a Matrice 210 RTK, pressing 'Hold' followed by doing some manual flying was done. When Continue was pressed, the quad went back to the original route but did not resume the proper orientation (did not look towards the facade). Any idea what the issue is?Thanks...Continue

View images while replaying telemetry

Started by Mike Sousa Apr 17. 0 Replies

HiIs it possible to view the images taken during a mission while viewing the telemetry for that mission? The images have been geotagged.Thanks... Continue

Facade Scan, Side/Forward Overlap

Started by Mike Sousa Apr 15. 0 Replies

HiIn setting up a Horizontal Facade Scan (long tracks left to right, with short steps up), which direction is considered Forward overlap?Thanks...Continue

Capturing video/images from DJI Mavic/Matrice

Started by Mike Sousa Apr 8. 0 Replies

HiI've flown a route with both a Mavic 2 Zoom and a Matrice 210 RTK and there wasn't any video or images captured. I think I'm missing something, I had the set camera by time, and then by mode (with start recording selected).Please advise, thanks...Continue

Battery change mid flight in route with UgCS for DJI

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins Apr 3. 3 Replies

HiI've watched this Battery Change video: was wondering if this could be done mid route in a Facade scan?Thanks...Continue

Showing video in Telemetry Player from a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Mike Sousa Apr 3. 2 Replies

HiI'm recording video (.mp4) from a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and was wondering if it's possible to view that video while replaying a route in the Telemetry Player? I can geotag images from a route but doesn't allow me to select any video for a particular route.Thanks...Continue

UgCS for DJI, After "Set Home Location", have route automatically go to Home location

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Janis Jonins Apr 2. 1 Reply

HiWhen using the UgCS for DJI App, if the "Set Home Location" button is selected, is it possible to have the uploaded route automatically return to that Home location at the end of the route?Thanks...Continue

Capturing telemetry data along with video

Started by Mike Sousa. Last reply by Mike Sousa Apr 1. 3 Replies

HiHow do I go about capturing telemetry data with the video, and play it all back together? I am flying a Mavic 2 Zoom and have UgCS for DJI installed.Thanks...Continue

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Comment by Adam Kelly on December 26, 2016 at 2:51am

Hi - I'm new to ugcs. I'm planning a mission and I keep getting big overshoots using the photogrammetry tool. I've attached a screen shot. Anyone know why this is happening? I have tried changing pretty much all the variables one at a time, nothing changes these overshoots. It suck up a lot of flight time to travel this extra distance.

Comment by andrew cutter on May 6, 2016 at 8:46am

Got reply back from UGCS on the use of tablet . Trying to find out whether pixhawk copter or fix wing is supported and working .

will work on the mobile tablet . All i could find was support for DJI . According to the email Android 5 and 6 is working ?

Comment by Eric Kubicka on August 16, 2015 at 2:19pm

If anyone is interested in beta testing our new logbook sync to UGCS let us know. We appreciate any takers/feedback. . 


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