A proposal for 3G control


I recently posted in a forum about how to add 3G uplink to a UAV model.  This project seems really fun to me, so I'm thinking about writing the software to make it happen (a little web server and some new features for Andropilot).  

However, the bummer is that some uses wouldn't be legal in the USA (given the current harsh FAA interpretation we need to operate under - <400 ft, visual range of control).  

To make sure this app/feature was used 'correctly', I would have it check to see if you are in a 'long range control is legal' country.  If not legal, I'd have it automatically send a mavlink RTL command if you got more than x (1?) km away from the home location.  

My question:

  • Are there countries where unrestricted long range control are legal?
  • If you are in such a country, are you willing to put a (cheap) android phone into your plane and give this a shot?  If you are, I'd probably be willing to make the software/servers go.


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  • John

    Ok I am anxiously waiting! I am sick of dealing with all the trouble caused by my FPV gear, antennas, wires, tx's, rx's, etc. It's a real pain. I really with you would incorporate a stream with OSD overlay. I know latency is a problem here to replace FPV, but I don't really need that. I usually fly in auto mode. I think it would even be somewhat ok in stabilize mode too, as long as you aren't close to the ground or anything.

    Thanks so much for your work! I envy coders, someday i'll learn...

  • John

    The feature that I think would be the most useful.............:)

  • Tony Raftis

    Happy to participate, no such limitation here in Australia