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  • Felipe Rabat

    @Joe, I bought 3 sets of these props (which gives you 2 sets of 6), and I am happy with the results.  You do need to balance them, but they are very close to balanced from the factory (I have flown with them as they come from the factory, and vibrations are within parameters, but I prefer to balance them none-the-less...).  

  • Joseph

    Can anyone tell me how to export the log from Tower o an Android device. I'm trying to it currently has me stumped.

    Thanks Felipe I ended up ordering APC props direct from APC.

  • 3D Robotics

    Chris Anderson

    Joe, do you mean how to export logs *from* an Android device running Tower? If you have a Droneshare account set up, it's automatic. If not, you can find the logs using an Android file browser. Here's the location you'll find it in (ignore the ad in my stupid file browser, and the reason I have no logs is that they're automatically deleted when they're uploaded to Droneshare):