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This is where we discuss all things related to the 3DR Arducopter Y-6, from Tuning, to issues, to mods.

  • T3

    3DR Specs??

    Does anyone have specs for 3DR Y6?  I'm looking for dimensions on all parts, but mostly for the main plates.  I can't find any spare parts, so I figured I'd manufacture my own.  I have a second Y6, but it has the old original top plate and I'd like to replace it with the one that supports the GoPro…

    By Richard Boyhan

  • Flying 3DR Y6 for sale

    Hi guys,Parts for this drone are hard to get. So if you are interested in a flying, fully equipped Y6, let me know. Living in The Netherlands.Kind regards,Bert

    By Bert Koelewijn

  • Pixhawk reading 0V

    Hi, guys.  I know the 3DR Y6 is not as popular as it used to be, but I still need some help.  I recently dusted off my Y6 and started using it again.  I even installed a new Hero4 for 4K video with a new lens (to get rid of the fisheye effect)...The issue I have (well, one of them!) is that…

    By Felipe Rabat

  • Connecting a 3 axis brushless gimbal to APM 2.6

    I just purchased a Feiu Tech Mini 3d 3-Axis gimbal  After too much consideration I figured this gimbal would suit my needs best. What I didn’t consider before I ordered it was how it interfaces with the APM 2.6. I saw a post in a thread that says APM 2.6 won’t support a 3 axis brushless gimbal and…

    By Joseph

  • flying 3dr Y6 still flying in Katy

    Does any one have a flying Dr3 Y6 in Katy ?Thanks

    By Sanjiv

  • Best way to balance a 3DR Y6

    What is the best way to balance A Y6. I move the battery and it responds differently. I only have a 3S to run on it.Thank you for any input.

    By terry vance

  • Y6 Manuals & Basic Instructions - 3DR links are dead

    I am a little late to this forum!I am building a 2014 3DRY6.  I got it a couple of year ago, but then got very busy, so only building it now. I am able to find the 3DR assembly manual on the web, but all of the links into the manual to the 3DR page are dead (such as how to do initial calibration).…

    By Ian Graham

  • Please help

    I can not get this thing to do the accelerometer. It fails at place level. And all it wants to do is flip over.Thank you for any input.Terry

    By terry vance

  • Pre Arm Check Issue: Check FS_THR_value?

    Hello Folks,To continue my constant battle to get my Y6 going (which is literally becoming a living nightmare, that I'm beginning to regret purchasing more and more each day with all the constant problems).So upon upgrading software I ran into many issues could not connect via telemetry anymore,…

    By Craig P.

  • DIY Y6 Pixhawk backup power question

    I have the flying down pretty good with about 2 dozen successful manual flights and missions, but one thing that's been bothering me in the build manual is this section on 'backup power'.One the one hand it says the zener diode is best but not required. Should I connect the backup power and is it…

    By DG