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Westford, MA

United States

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Stephen Mann began flying as a teenager and today holds a commercial pilot's certificate with instrument and flight instructor ratings. Over the years Stephen has flown more than a thousand hours in light General Aviation airplanes and owned a Cessna C177 for 20-years. Stephen has been building and flying small multirotor aircraft, also called drones, since 2010 when his wife bought him an AR Parrott. His favorite personal drone is the DJI Phantom 2 drone because of its amazing stability and reliability.

Stephen is in the process of developing Treetop Academy, a drone ground and flight school. When the FAA Part 107 rules are finalized, the need for qualified training will be huge and Treetop Academy will be ready. Stephen also manages the website, wiki and blog for commercial sUAS operators.
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
I am a pilot and photographer, but the best photos are closer to the ground than I can legally fly a Cessna.
Westford, MA

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  • Developer

    Bill Bonney

    Totally understand, and I agree updating the post to explain the optical illusions, for want of a better term, is a best option in my opinion.

    Good work on the other blog posts. I am new drone creator. I have gone the ArduPlane route with a Bixler. Haven't flown it yet, and it's broken. The joys of hobby electronics, though this issue is mechanical and one of the servo couplings for the aileron has broken. :-D 

  • Developer

    Bill Bonney

    PS: to be honest, the wikis could be much better in describing how to set-up these boards, especially, if like me you are just plug and play and not necessarily wanting to look at eagle files and schematics all the time. Maybe you could update the wiki to add the GPS connection for APM2.5?

  • colin macdonald

    What happens if the we battery in the gps goes flat