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  • Pascal Fust

    Dear Maarten,
    I found your VTOL comparison very interesting, as I am also closely following the development of these products for our purpose.
    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to comment directly in your blog entry. I personnally also prefer the solutions using distinct propulsion units for VTOL and flight due to its increased efficiency as outlined in your comparison.

    The price comparison, hoeever, is missing an important aspect: robustness
    The chosen UAV of Deltaquad is made out of EPO, which is not AS robust as EPP, the base material of the Wingtra One (at least to my knowledge).
    From the professional perspective, I am missing products from other suppliers such as Quantum-Systems (e.g. Trinity), which leaves your comparison incomplete, unfortunately.

    Nevertheless, I am looking forward to your experience with your New VTOL UAS.

    Cheers, Pascal